What began as India’s first-ever Cable Advertising Agency, UPDATE has grown to become the only All-India Advertising Concessionaire for a large number of MSO, serving over 10.7 crore households, spanning across 2192 Class I, II and III towns.

We have transformed the business with a strong, professional workforce of more than 100 personnel in our dedicated offices across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata,as well as our representatives across the country.

Renowned for innovative solutions in Cable advertising, UPDATE has made Cable Regional the media choice for corporates pan-India and has now introduced services in Rural towns with a population of below 1 lakh.

Our reputation precedes us as the only agency truly capable of handling an all-India cable campaign, as all the releases are direct and not through sub-agents, with a considerable price advantage for advertisers. Our infrastructure ensures seamless activity across markets against a single RO. Economies of scale ensure the lowest cost on HSM and National packages.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in terms of Night / Afternoon spots raises the bar of advertising on cable to that of satellite channels.

  • Our Innovation

    Our innovations are born out of our dedication to the cable industry. We have pioneered the use of sophisticated technology and methods to enhance the look and feel of cable ads to the level of satellite channels.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to constantly look for new opportunities and avenues to improve our customers’ experience of the medium through new projects,at the same time sprucing up and packaging our existing services.

  • Key Focus

    Primarily focused on advertising across Local Cable Channels along with driving some key Media Research initiatives for the industry .